Fatigue forecasting

Our solution helps you identify the point during a shift when a member of staff is likely to be too tired to work safely.

Using two validated assessments and our proprietary software we can identify when an individual will be at low, moderate, high or extreme risk of fatigue. The test takes c. 2.5 minutes to complete and should be undertaken by staff (especially in safety-critical roles) at the beginning of each shift. This may be via a screen at their place of work or could be via remote login via a smartphone.

Our dashboard and reporting system allow you to see over the next 12 hours how many staff will be in the higher risk categories. This means your managers can prioritise the staff where action is most urgently needed and intervene early to minimise the risk of a fatigue-related adverse event. We will work with you to put together a suite of interventions to reduce fatigue risk and extend the period of time a member of staff works below the higher risk categories.

Our built-in accident and incident reporting module means we can build up an accurate fatigue risk profile for the shift patterns being worked and for different job roles in your organisation. This is very much like the HSE’s Fatigue and Risk Index with the crucial difference being we are using live data to plot shift risks.

With the results from our two assessments we monitor a number of key metrics that all feed in to your bespoke fatigue risk schedule.

We can offer a wide range of options to enhance this innovative service. Please just ask for more detail.



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