Third Pillar of Health Ltd is a leading provider of fatigue management solutions to public and private sector organisations.

We help your organisation and your staff overcome the debilitating health, safety and performance consequences of fatigue and poor sleep.




Tiredness and fatigue is unproductive, costly, unhealthy and unsafe. Third Pillar of Health helps to improve employee health, the safety of your workplace and the productivity of your organisation.

Sleep health assessments

  • Understand the extent and impact of fatigue

  • Developed with leading sleep scientists

  • Excellent benchmark comparisons

  • Immediate individual and composite reports

Staff training

  • Making the sleep science comprehensible

  • Experience across highly diverse staff groups

  • Face-to-face or online options

  • Custom content and delivery options

Fatigue forecasting

  • Understand staff risk profiles over a shift

  • 2.5 minutes to complete

  • Apply interventions to reduce fatigue risk

  • Identify trends to reduce adverse events






Our clients span a wide range of industries, sizes and job roles. We are experienced in tailoring packages that meet our clients’ needs and budgets. Please just get in touch.




Tackling fatigue and poor sleep leads to a virtuous circle which will show on your bottom line.

Healthier, happier and well-rested employees are less likely to be absent through illness and are less inclined towards presenteeism. They have greater clarity of thought, improved communication skills and are more team-focused. Poor mental health, poor sleep and fatigue are common companions. By tackling fatigue you can help improve mental health and reduce overall stress levels – the most common reason for long term sickness absence.

Every day of staff fatigue costs your company in lost productivity, higher accident rates and missed opportunities.





“We found Marcus and Third Pillar of Health to be professional, knowledgeable and extremely approachable and we have no hesitation in recommending their services to any other organisation looking to raise awareness of this important but often overlooked topic. We continue to work with Third Pillar of Health to understand other initiatives and interventions we can implement as part of an “alertness management” programme to tackle fatigue.”

Health & safety Manager, Tideway West


“We are delighted to see that even in the space of 6 months the sleep pilot has supported a positive impact on staff health and wellbeing and, in turn, absence data. Sequentially this work has helped to strengthen staff productivity, service delivery and ultimately the provision of safe and consistent patient care.

Third Pillar of Health provided a very professional and comprehensive service, offering easy and sensible solutions to support and improve our staffs’ sleep health. The trust certainly endorses their service and looks forward to working with them again to continue tackling issues surrounding fatigue and sleep deprivation.”

Staff Wellbeing Advisor
East Cheshire NHS Trust




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