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Most public education programmes have concentrated on exercise and nutrition. However, the forgotten pillar of health is sleep. Obtaining sufficient good quality sleep is vital to our physical and mental health as well as our alertness, performance and productivity.

In our (overly) busy lives too many people believe they can sacrifice sleep to achieve more in their day. However, numerous studies have shown this to be a false economy. Did you know that those sleeping less than 6 hours a night are 4x more likely to catch the flu versus those sleeping 7+ hours a night or that productivity starts to drop at a significant rate after working 60 hours a week?

We are also very poor at judging our own performance impairment resulting from poor and / or insufficient sleep. However, alertness, reaction and cognitive tests consistently show objective declines.

As we have mentioned elsewhere on this site the US Centres for Disease Control has called sleep deprivation a “public health epidemic.” We are ill-informed about just how important sleep is to wellbeing. Those with more serious sleep problems are increasingly taking the attitude that “it is what it is.” This is not healthy, safe or productive. Individual sleep health can be improved - your staff just need the right knowledge to make informed decisions. It is often small changes that yield big results. 

We can offer you a wide range of training options – both topics and delivery. Delivery options might be face-to-face, via a webinar, video education, as part of an event, running a specific workshop or a combination of methods. A great place to start is a general introduction to the importance of sleep to wellbeing. We’ve also done modules on shift working, driver fatigue, frequent flyers and mini-education pieces on how gadget use affects sleep, the link between sleep and stress as well as how caffeine, alcohol, exercise and other common lifestyle habits affect sleep.

Please read our testimonials to find out what the organisations we’ve worked with say about our training and get in touch to ask how our flexible options would suit your plans and objectives.



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